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kerry kirkwood

Do you have a passion for something? Share it with the world

All people are different. Some love to spend time outdoors, others love to eat, others love to travel, and still others like to watch movies. So what's your passion?

Send a photo and take part in a contest where you can win a video chat with a guru who shares your passion! Your photos are worth more than just memories-they give you the chance to learn from your favorite experts.

Upload a photo showing what you love about your city and share it with the world. Share your passion for the place you call home, the people you love, and what inspires you. each week, he will choose a photo to use for a Skype conversation with one of our gurus who shares the same passion. You can win!

As in the case of competitions organised by, the best photos will be posted in the gallery on the site.

Participation in the contest is really simple-just send a photo!

Keep your memories alive, share your passions

Keep your memories alive and share your passions with send a photo and share what you love about your city-from the best burger to the most popular TV show. Take a picture of who you are and what you love to do in life. We might even surprise you with a video chat with an expert who shares your passion.

Skype your passion-reveal your passion in a one-minute video or take a photo and win a free chat.

It's about showing your passion and inspiring people in a fun way.

To enter or win a prize, follow these steps:

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the requirements that are included in the announcement of the competition or prize. The second step is to download the application form for entry. The third step is to fill in the application form by entering your contact details, phone number and email ID. Take a picture of yourself - send it to